You know that feeling when you listen to some songs, you don’t really feel like singing along. Songs like “this is my desire, to honor you. Lord, with all my heart, I worship you” or even classics like “I surrender all”. The question I ask myself is whether I really surrender all or am I keeping things/parts of my life from Him. Sometimes, I feel I don’t surrender all and keep myself from singing those songs. Does that justify my non-surrendered-ness? But then, is surrender even a choice? Sure, it feels like it. I feel I can choose to surrender parts or whole of my life, as I please.

But surrender is not a choice.
We surrender ourselves to our daily routine. To the boss at work. To the family at home. To the kids at school. To the government. To entertainment. We give them what they want. Part of our time, effort or money. They are happy and you feel you have done your part.

God asks us of our lives. Every aspect of it and it suddenly becomes a choice. We feel we have the choice to surrender. We think we are in control of what we want to surrender. As if we can keep things from God. Really!

Surrender is not a choice. It is a privilege.
Surrender is when we take all our affections in the world, outside the world and point it to God. It means – whatever you do, whatever belongs to you, whoever you are, however you are, whenever – it all belongs to Him. It includes your time, your mind, body, soul, spirit, work, family, everything.

Surrender is not a choice. It is a privilege. It is a lifestyle.
It is the choice you make, to do it all for Him. So whatever you do, you do it for Him. Whatever belongs to you, belongs to Him. Whoever you are – your personality, your countenance, the stuff that makes you, you, belongs to Him. How you spend your time, belongs to Him. So, surrender is not about choice – it’s not about what you give to God. Because everything is His, after all. It is about what you are doing with the stuff He’s given you.

You may have talent. What do you do with it? Money? How are you using it? Time? How do you spend it? Relationships? How do you treat them? Surrender is not even about spending time at church, or giving regularly or supporting an orphanage (even though all those things are valid and important). It’s about you and Him. It’s the choice you make to live every moment or every breath for Him. It’s the privilege we all have – to choose God, above all else and live like it.

If surrender was really a choice, it would be about that choice itself.


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