‘God’s eye view’: Artist uses Google Earth images to recreate scenes from the Bible

For those of us who have accessed Google Earth to see what our house looks like from the sky, this would be very interesting. Have you wondered how it would have looked when Moses and the Israelites crossed the sea? Or when Noah found dry land after the whole earth was flooded?

James Dive is an artist who used images from Google Earth and recreated scenes from the Bible like the parting of the Red Sea, Jesus’ crucifixion, Noah’s Ark in the floods and Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Moses & the Israelites cross the Red Sea

Jesus' Crucifixion from above

Noah's Ark finds dry ground in the floods

Adam & Eve in Paradise

The 31-year-old, from Sydney, Australia spent more than three months painstakingly researching the Biblical locations on Google Earth. He then combined them on a computer with 3D models of iconic elements from the religious text. The artist who is a member of Sydney based art collective The Glue Society, said: ‘We like to disorientate audiences a little with all our work and with this piece we felt technology now allows events which may or may not have happened to be visualized and made to appear dramatically real. As a method of representation satellite photography is so trusted, it has been interesting to mess with that trust.’

It is great to see art being used for the kingdom. What do you think of this? What scenes from the Bible would you like to see from up above?


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