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Movie ReviewsThe options that are available for today’s entertainment are plenty. Making the right choice becomes a tough decision when the entire value system pulls down the “this is your limit” line. Let us take mainstream cinema for example – they deal with literally all topics imaginable and do a pretty good job at engaging the viewer. But not all cinema can be watched by everybody. That is where the rating agencies come in – they do a good job at classifying movies or television series to let us know what to expect in terms of content. A movie rated “R” is strictly not to be seen by a child but they are free to watch a movie rated “G”.

Movie reviews are another way of finding the quality of content. For example, reviewers rate the story line,  cinematography, direction, acting  and finally come to the decision whether the movie is worth watching. This is very important to me because I don’t see a lot of movies and when I do, I want to make sure I watch a good one. (Now I understand that good can be a very subjective word and I will leave that for discussion later.)

Movie Reviews - Christian reviews

Christian Movie Reviews

Today, I wanted to share a resource that I use to pick my movies – The website covers a lot of  topics including answers to a lot of common questions about faith. One of the sections is devoted to movie reviews.  They cover all recent releases and have reviews for movies since 2000 (I think). Anytime I hear of a movie, the first thing I do is check the review at I can quickly decide if I should see this or if it is okay to take my nephews with me.

One of the key features at the review section of the site is that it classifies the movie on two meters – “Moviemaking Quality” and the “Moral Rating”. Moviemaking Quality gives you the technical view point i.e. storyline, action, direction, cinematography etc. come in this category. Moral Rating tells you whether it is okay to watch the movie as a Christian. That part also tells you whether you can show it to your kids too.

At the beginning of the review, they have a box that calls out thestars – “Moviemaking Quality” and the “Moral Rating”. There is also a 3-item meter at the bottom of each review that quantifies the amount of violence, profanity and sex/nudity in the movie. Both of these put together should give you a

Movie Review Ratings

3-point ratings

good idea of what to expect from the movie. I have agreed with their ratings most of the time. I have rarely differed with the reviewer about moviemaking quality but I have never disagreed with the moral meters.

So the next time you want to watch a movie at the theaters or rent a movie at home, check out the review at first. Especially, if you have kids around.

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