Day 7 – Jan 7 – When & how to pray

Today’s verse:
Matthew 6: 6
But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.” (NKJV)

Prayer is our access to the godly realm – our opportunity to reach out to the heavens – our conversation with the Father – our meeting place with the Creator. There are no time limits or timings. There is no dress code or location. The door is open anytime you like. In fact, there is no door at all. You can start that conversation anytime, anywhere you like.

When Jesus taught His disciples to pray, one of the things He talked about was praying in secret. What does ‘praying in secret’ mean? Does it mean we have to be indoors every time we pray? Does it mean nobody else is to be around us when we pray? In our busy, hectic daily schedules, that is in fact an impossibility. There is always somebody/something who wants our attention – the crying child, milk on the stove, bills to pay, spouse to please, order to fulfil, parents to care for, those weekend movie tickets, complaining relatives. How do we take the time to go somewhere quiet to pray in between all that?

God does not expect that from us. Prayer is not a mouth conversation. It is a heart conversation. A conversation where we pour out our hearts to the Maker. Our heart speaks to the Heavenly Father. And to do that, we need not be limited by time, space or situation. Talk to Him on the bus when you travel to work. Talk to Him when you are going through the aisles at the supermarket. Talk to Him when you take a shower. Talk to Him when you take your dog for a walk. Talk to Him today. Talk to Him now.

When you talk to Him, remember to let Him speak too. A one-sided conversation can get boring. And it makes sense to hear what your Father has in store for you.

Pray in your own words: I am coming into Your presence and want to spend some time with You. Just wanted to tell You what’s on my mind.

Daily Bible Reading: Genesis 18-19 (Old Testament), Matthew 6:1-18 (New Testament). (Click here to read)
(This plan is a yearly plan where you can read the full Bible in a single year.)

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