I am Christian. I hate Christmas.

Yes, I claim to be a christian. But I don’t believe in Christmas, at least the way it is done now.

Christmas seems to be a:

  • time to shop.
  • time to give.
  • time to share.
  • time to love.
  • time to buy gifts (for oneself and others).
  • time to spend time with family and friends.
  • time to have good food.
  • time to feel bad for the under-privileged.
  • time for Santa Claus.
  • time for the tree. And decorating it.
  • time for carols.

I don’t get it. If Christmas is supposed to be Jesus Christ’s birthday, where is He? There is everybody and everything else, but Him. Even the Christian radio station play songs to Santa Claus and Drummer Boy. I play my CDs in the car now.

Christian artists bring out Christmas albums, well in advance. And you wonder if anybody ever gets the point.

It’s even sadder to see churches fall in the same mess. Joshua Cody from Church marketing sucks, one of my favourite blogs, has an excellent post.

For me, Christ is not a baby anymore. He grew up. He died. And He rose up. And He is coming again. He reigns. And it is Him, I love to worship.

Oh! by the way, I am glad the Walmart lady wished me “Merry Christmas”, instead of “Happy Holidays”.

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  • OK – point taken! What about Easter – Easter eggs, Easter bunnies? — any holiday can be misused.

    I would say that love and the sense of togetherness motivates many Christians to celebrate Christmas. They love their Savior and they love their families. Christmas provides an opportunity for them to love, share, give, spend ime with family, have good food,….
    If it is Jesus’ birthday, wouldn’t you want them to spend it that way?

    December 24, 2008

    Lord, this is your day.
    This Christmas day.
    We have made of it a loud party
    and a day of great expectations.
    Sometimes I wonder why I can’t find you
    in the ribbon and the wrappings.
    Let this be an ordinary day for a few minutes, Lord.
    A day like any other day,
    when you come to me in a child’s smile,
    a bird’s song, a friend’s greeting.
    Remind me that you are a God of shocking surprises
    wrapped in ordinary packaging.
    Help me to remember that this day, like all the days before it
    and all the days yet to come is your day
    and that you come to me everyday.
    I celebrate your coming
    and yesterday
    and tomorrow.
    I love you. Amen.

    December 25, 2008

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