Seven: A God Encounter. A review

It is very rare that we see some good professionalism in Christian events in India. Of course, when I say that I measure that with the professionalism that is found in churches in other countries like USA, Europe or Australia. “Seven – A God Encounter” was one event where it was quite evident that the organisers took the pains to put in the effort. Everything from the marketing to the website to the stage backdrop showed that effort.

Seven was a live Christian concert that was conducted by the New Life Assemblies of God in Chennai on 7th July, 2007. They also made the official release of their new album “For You Alone” at the venue. The venue was St. George High school grounds in Kilpauk, Chennai, India. The final turn out of people was actually greater than what was planned.

What I liked a
bout the event:
Music: They have an excellent band. One of the best I have heard in the country. The show started with Pastor Theodore Nathaniel (Theo) leading the crowd with some well known songs. Pastor Samuel Chadwick (Sam) later took stage the led the main section. The 100 member choir looked good on stage but were not very audible. Dr. Prem, another worship leader at NLAG, also led a song. All of them did an excellent job. The coordination among the musicians and worship leaders was very good. They did a couple of tracks from their new album too.

Instruments on stage: Drums, Percussions, Acoustic, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar and Keyboards (I didn’t get all the musicians’ names..and I couldn’t find it on their website either.) Professional musicians. Everyone who attended the event had only good things to say about them.

They staged the crucifixion scene. It was more like a musical. Again, very well staged. The message of the cross never fails to deliver.

They even had a e-ticket system on their website.

It was announced that there were 400 volunteers. We all know how important a role they play in a public event like this. And they did quite a good job.

I thought it took off quite late. People were able to enjoy worship only towards the later half of the show. I thought there were a lot of distractions in between. But when it finally happened, people were touched.

My critical review:
– There were no medleys. It was always stop and go. But it was quite flawless. And I am sure most of the crowd didn’t miss it.
– The distractions on stage was, according to me, unforgivable. I think the crowd would have really enjoyed it much better if they had not brought in all those distractions. People came there for the music and/or worship. That part should have been delivered first. Also if the concert was targeted at non-church goers, the distractions were not needed at all.
– Sound – Even though the sound mixing was perfect, I felt it could have been a little louder. I was standing at the back (obvious from my photos) and I like my sounds loud.
– Finally, there was not a single verse read from the Bible through the whole concert. I missed that. I guess I am a little old fashioned in such matters.

Final thoughts:
Even though I have given some negative comments about Seven, I believe God moved in that place on 7th evening and I enjoyed it myself. My two friends who came with me also enjoyed it. They specifically mentioned that they enjoyed the music and I believe God has touched them. They are no regular church goers or believers (as we know it).

NLAG is the church I attend in Chennai and I know they are strong in the Word. I believe they have a lot of potential and this could be the beginning of a new movement in Chennai, maybe even in India. So here’s wishing God’s blessings and outpour on them to do His work in the land.

All photos I took at the event are available in my Flickr account. (Forgive me for the poor quality. That’
s the best I can get from my Nokia N73, considering how far I was standing from the stage.)
Click here to see them as a slideshow

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  • Nice review man.
    But I didn’t like you putting me into the no regular church goers category, if I am the one, among them, you mentioned. May not be a “believer” as you say, but we do go to church regularly.


    PS. hey man, jus kidding.. I wanted to post something and wanted some topic, so created one. Don’t mind. After all these things need no proclamation. As you say it is “simply about him

    July 9, 2007
  • Great blog! Means a lot to people like me who could not attend!

    July 9, 2007
  • Yeah it was a cool concert! It was all professionally done. There was continuity. No annoying guitar tune-ups or sound checks in between. Music and singing were awesome. And best of all God lifted my spirit!

    Great job buddy with the photos and live-blogging! Wish God will bless you with a laptop+wimax for your next concert …

    July 11, 2007
  • Praise God!!!

    Nice presentation to recollect the most memorable moment in my life.

    God Miraculously Healed Me…..on that day (07/07/07)

    May God Bless U & all your Efforts to Glorify His Holy Name!

    Praise God for “simply about him”!

    – Amen!!!

    August 17, 2007
  • wil

    Praise God!!!

    I wasn’t able to attend the concert but i had a chance of watching it over the cd, i was filled with fire. one thing i am concerned about is the “girls dancing”.Is it neccesary for a spiritual concert?

    January 13, 2008

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