Can you imagine yourself being dangerous? Jesus was.

Leonard Lee has a post back at Monday Morning Insight about Christians being dangerous. And that idea is proposed from the fact that our Lord, Jesus was dangerous himself. But not dangerous as we all know it these days.

Let me quote from Leonard’s article itself:

“You see, Jesus was very dangerous. So dangerous in fact he actually had an assassination attempt on his life before he could do much more than play peek-a-boo and form simple sentences. So dangerous was Jesus that at the beginning of his ministry Satan himself showed up and tried to derail him with a series of vicious temptations. Jesus was dangerous enough that as an adult he became the subject of meetings whose sole purpose was to get rid of him.” Click here for full article

It is incredible how we all get so absorbed in our daily routines and chores and totally lose focus of what we are sent here to do – His will. His commission.

We are called to be dangerous people because we have the power to pull people away from the clutches of the devil, to heal the sick in soul and body, to unite broken families and so much more. We are called to be so dangerous that we love even our enemies. 🙂

It is time we get out of our comfort zones and do the wonderful things that God wants us to do. To live as a dangerous generation.


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