“Turbo-Trust” mode

I don’t know of any other christian couple who are so respected by everybody. I am talking about Billy & Ruth Graham. It is not that they did not have their share of controversies. But it is their reaction in those circumstances that we all respect.

In everything, we know them as people who always trusted God. They knew people in this world were not dependable..including their own offspring. But they lived the fact that God is faithful.

Ruth Graham went to be with the Lord recently (June 14, 2007). Please do go through their memorial for her. It is beautiful.

I know it is the easiest thing to say to trust in the Lord..when everything is going well. But it is also the toughest thing to do..when faced with a situation. We do not have the luxury of a button that we can press and activate ‘turbo-trust’ mode. But the one thing that has definitely helped me in my low times is the Bible. Make sure you read more of it. It will definitely help.

What do you do when faced with a tough situation? How do you look at God or how does your faith behave? Comment here.


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