Struggles, Faith and Medicine

Source: sleepyowl’s photostream at Flickr.

Paul pointed me to this flickr photo and Patsys’ Miracle. Incredible testimony of struggles, faith and wonderful healing. Worth the read.

I am often asked by many people whether I am part of that group that says no to medicines. And I tell them, No. I also add – I am part of the group that says science is not against faith. Infact science and faith can work together.

So much time is wasted when each group tries to disapprove the other. What is wrong with science? And what is wrong with faith? I work in a technology company and I am amazed at what science has done. I am also a christian and I love to exercise my faith. I don’t have issues with both.

As somebody said, “I don’t want blind faith. I want intelligent faith.”

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  • Corstar!

    Couldn’t be more true! I am heading to medical school, and I too am a Christian. I see absolutely no conflict between our current scientific research and that of maintaining a strong faith! When medicine fails, faith can save lives!

    God Bless! 😉

    December 26, 2007

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