My questions..

Would people come to church if
– there are many miracles that happen in our church?
– there is wonderful music and message given every Sunday?
– there is beautiful love among members of the church?
– there is no talk about money in any of the services?
– there is sharing, not just among church goers, but also with non church goers?
– church goers live simple, sincere lives?

What hampers new people to come to church today? Why are they hesitant? Isn’t the cross-love-story so wonderful by itself that people are drawn by that alone?

What does it mean to have revival break? How does it feel to preach one sermon and get 5000 people to start coming to church? What does it look like when all the people in the congregation are anointed by the Holy Spirit and worship as one?

What do you think?

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  • I was attracted to Christianity because all the true Christians I saw around me were happy despite being in dificult situations… and I wanted that!
    Then, out of my curiosity, I asked them as to how this is possible? The answer was that `anything and everything happens to God’s plan and will, so you need not worry!’
    I tried it out, found it to be true!
    So there! I don’t care about miracles happening to others, the number of people in the church, its ambience, music or anything physical…because I have experienced the love of my Lord. There is nothing that matches that!

    Of course, it sure helps if the church members are sincere and love each other; it makes fellowship more meaningful.

    March 25, 2007

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