Looking bad and feeling foolish? Remember Nike

Have you ever thought twice before you lifted your hands in church? I have. If everyone is shouting God’s praise, it is easy to scream at the top of your lungs. But what happens when no one else is doing it but you felt so strongly to shout. Did you look around then and whispered a hallelujah? I have done that too.

We often get bogged down by what other people think about us. We want to create an impression. A good impression. We want to be known for something good, a good accomplishment. I mean we don’t want to look like fanatics or fools, right?

Sad, ain’t it? The problem with that thinking is that we are trying to impress other people. Remember you are in a relationship. With God. When you are in church or your quiet time or family prayer or care-cell group, you are taking part in that relationship. And you don’t do things because somebody else does it or does not do it. You do it only because you want to do it.

You feel like saying “praise you, Jesus”, open your mouth and just say it. You want to close your eyes and smile. Just do it. You want to stand up and enjoy His presence. Just do it.

Spontaneity is one of the things you should enjoy in worship. Never get set into some routine. Always be willing to change. To do things in a new way. You will enjoy your run with Jesus, a lot better. (and believe me, He can surprise you more than you ever think.)

So the next time, you feel like doing something and get that “feel odd” or “should I” feeling. Remember Nike. Just do it!


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