Heroes of Faith: The Lady Who Dared To Touch

Was reading Mark 5 in the morning. The part that talks about the lady who suffered bleeding for 12 years (phew!)..interestingly, it says “she had suffered a great deal under the care of many doctors..”. Terrible ain’t it? She had so many people, specialists to take care of her but she still suffered. And a great deal too.

She had heard about Jesus. Maybe not very sure. But she was excited He was coming to her part of town. And then that afternoon she decided to take the step. To step into the crowd. Not bothering about all the people who were over-crowding around Jesus. She had to reach him. She was in pain. Deep pain. But it didn’t matter. She stepped ahead. She moved closer. She was there. Jesus was right in front of her. He was going to Jairus’ house and the crowd could not get enough of Him. Some of them were following because they wanted to see what Jesus would do at Jairus’ place. Some of them had heard about Jesus and wanted to get a closer glimpse of Him and touch Him too.

But this lady had an agenda. She thought ” If I just touch His clothes, I will be healed.” She did not want attention. She didn’t want to meet Jesus. Jesus was too busy. He would not want to meet her, she thought. Just touch and go. I will be okay.

She touched. And there…………. she could feel it. Like electricity through her system. She knew at that very moment that something happened. She was overwhelmed that she did not realise Jesus asking, “Who touched my clothes?” The men around Jesus thought He was joking and asked, “You see the people crowding against you and yet you can ask, ‘Who touched me?’ “

Now she was scared. She did not know why but she somehow felt guilty. So she ran the little distance to Jesus and fell at His feet trembling and said, “It was me. It was me. I am sorry, Lord. I didn’t want to trouble you. I had heard so much about you that I thought if I would only touch your garment, I’d be healed. Please forgive me, Lord.”

The men around looked perplexed. They looked at Jesus. He was staring at her too. He then bent down and pulled her up. She was still looking down, tears streaming down her cheeks. Some people around them were angry because she was spoiling the moment. They looked at Jesus again. He was smiling. Can you believe that – He was smiling. And then He said it – He called her “daughter”. Peter looked at John….and smiled.

Jesus said, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.” She looked into His eyes. There was no anger. No harshness. No judgment. She saw only love. A love that called her daughter. A love that said she was accepted. That accepted her faith. She saw peace. She was free. Free from all suffering..that the best doctors of this world could not keep her from.

She was definitely a heroine of faith. She believed. She took action. She got the result. She was healed. She was accepted.


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