Why I Think God Is Biased?

A thought came to me this Sunday – “God is biased”. Now that is bad thing, right? But it is a good thing. He is biased towards those who have a sincere heart. A heart that is open to Him, completely dedicated to Himself.

In worship, it is so important to have a sincere heart that can be focussed on Him and Him alone. Heavenly glory can fill you and the congregation you lead. Because it can be quite contagious.

This is important to the worshipper as well as to the worship leader. Often we think worship is about songs, good music and a few words thrown in between. But it is never any of these. It is heart that ONLY matters. Where is your heart? Is your heart worshipping HIm?

I can never say this enough – Worship is all about Him and Him alone.

2 Chronicles 16:9 says ‘For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.‘ Can you imagine the Lord going around the place looking at people and then suddenly, He sees you …fully committed to Him? He’s gonna stop and look at you (with a lot of love) and just fill your life with His glory.

Man, I am sure..God is definitely biased!

And how do you seek Him with a sincere heart? I just ask Him. Believe me! it works.

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  • sAP

    That was very poetic and romantic in a fashion that deals with the Lord. I loved it.


    December 13, 2006

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