How the intellectuals view Pentecostalism

There is an article on ‘Pentecostalism’ on the ‘Economist’ website and how the modern version of this movement is shaking and remaking the world. It briefly traces the history of this movement and what its present status is in various parts of the world. It also offers a critique of this movement.

The Economist, as you are aware, is by general consensus one of the most respected news magazine in the world. It is read by the intellectual crème de la crème of the world. And its opinions carry a lot weight.

And it seems to me that the editorial board is either atheistic or agnostic (I cannot make out which one).

Here is the link.

It is useful to read this in order to get an outsider’s view of Pentecostalism.

Also, read this survey that was done on the status of Pentecostalism in 10 countries, by the Pew Forum for Religious and Public life.

Here is the link

I propose we have a discussion on these articles on this forum.


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