An Argument Against Christianity?

One of the great intellectual challenges that Christianity has faced is the theory of evolution proposed by Charles Darwin. I recently watched a documentary made by one of the fiercest proponents of Darwinism (and consequently, a strong atheist and Christian basher), a guy by the name of Dr. Richard Dawkins. He is a biologist with the Oxford University. He made a documentary for the BBC in the 1980s which aims to refute the concept of creationism and defend Darwinism.

You can watch the hour-long documentary titled ‘The Blind Watchmaker’ on Google Video at;=the+blind+watchmaker&hl;=en

After watching this video, I lost whatever little respect I had for the theory of evolution. When you watch the video, please pay special attention to the part where Dawkins talks about how the evolutionary process results in the creation of the ‘human eye’. His arguments and train of thought are simply ridiculous. He assumes so many things and does not answer so many questions. Where did the first set of cells come from? Why should the cells acquire a curvature? Why should they excrete mucus that is transparent? How did the connections between the eye and the brain form?

I am surprised that Darwin’s theory is given any degree of respectability.

Many years ago, Bertrand Russell wrote a book titled ‘Why I am not a Christian’ His objective was to dissuade people from adopting the Christian faith. But God has this wonderful way of turning evil into good. In his book titled ‘The death of a Guru’ (a wonderful book about how a hindu priest converts to Christiainty), Rabindranath Maharaj talks about reading this book. Maharaj was trying to find all possible reasons against becoming a Christian. So he picked up this book. He says that the arguments made by Russell are so weak and ridiculous, that instead of convincing him against becoming a Christian, he found solid reasons for actually turning to the Lord.

I had a similar experience after watching this video. Instead of convincing me about the merit of Darwinism, the documentary left me more convinced than ever that the God whom we worship and serve, indeed created the heavens and the earth and all that is in it.

The word of God says ‘He makes the wisdom of the wise into foolishness.

A penny for your thoughts.

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  • sAP

    Another way to think of it is, that to a believer, everything he/she sees proves the existence and exalts the awesomeness of God (and possibly the other way around to an unbeliever).

    Which makes sense, because “faith” as mentioned in the bible is a gift of the holy spirit.


    December 13, 2006

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