The Top 50 Churches

How about that?

We have heard of Top 50 artists, songs, players, games, shows, shopping malls, teams, holiday spots, gadgets…..and this! …is very new. The Top 50 Churches.

The Church Report has released the 2006 Fifty Most Influential Churches. You can find out more about they came to the 50 on Church Relevance website.

Interesting discussion at and at Church Marketing Sucks.

Wonder what they will bring out next..Top 10 influential elders?!


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  • Anonymous

    This “Top 50 List” is a scam — there is no poll — no research. All Jason Christy is doing is scamming Christian leaders to get them to buy advertisements in his fake “Church Report” magazine.

    Just like Christy’s fake PAC called Impact America, and his fake news service, and his fake dating service that has one member, a Star Trek geek no less.

    July 15, 2007

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