Start by Breathing

How do you feel, when you are in worship? Feel out of place? Or maybe you are going through some difficult times and you are not able to concentrate the way you want to?

When you stand in church this Sunday, even if you don’t feel anything special..remember God is there..ready to be enthroned on your praises. It does not matter if you don’t feel that special tingling feeling you feel in special times of worship.

Try closing your eyes and feel your breathing. Thank God that you are able to breathe. Thank God for the life that you have. Whatever your situation, thank Him that He takes good care of you. No matter what, His promises stand strong for you.

Try lifting your arms and tell Him that He has everything. Ask Him to take complete control of you and your situation. Tell Him there that you want to worship Him.

Worship, knowing that God is there to receive your worship.

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