Should You Pray For Your Worship Leader?

Do you ever get angry at the worship leader or the singers, for not doing their job right? Maybe it is one of the musicians who is not playing it right.

Next time, something like that happens, pray for them. Pray to God that He will guide and anoint the worship leaders/musicians/singers. Your prayers can make a lot of difference. He may not be able to concentrate on leading worship because of certain circumstances he experienced at home. Often times, Satan can make distractions during the service. One of the common things he does is disrupt the sound system. Worship leaders find it difficult then. Pray that the sound system will work well and the technicians will have the wisdom to do the needful.

The worship leader, in his anointing, can discern the work of Satan and do the needful. But your prayer support can make a huge difference. When you pray for them, you are supporting their ministry. You are becoming one in the Spirit and Satan can’t stand that.

Also remember to pray for your worship team before going to church. They need that support always. Ask God to protect them and help them grow in Him and His anointing.

Pray for your worship leader, musicians and singers today.

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  • good suggestion!!!

    June 26, 2006

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