The Testimony Maker And The Testimoniers

I attended a meeting today. It was arranged by some of the staff at a IT company. I heard five testimonies there – very impressive ones too.

One talked about how she met Jesus and how her life changed ever since. She mentioned how Jesus waited for her to come to Him – He let her feel comfortable with Him. No pushing. No shoving. He accepted her just the way she is. And He answered all the questions she had, patiently.

The second testimonier talked about how Jesus transformed her in her turmoil. Broken-hearted…He came to her and today she enjoys the peace and joy of God in her life.

The third testimonier sang a love song to her Maker.

Fourth testimonier said something you would have heard only in the movies. But then, God is God and He can work that way. She came from a rich, Muslim family. And then one day, God came to her. Shocked out of her senses then, today it is nine years since she met the Lord. She was thrown out of her family back then. Today she is the CEO of a company.

The fifth testimonier had problems in her family and with her health. And God delivered her. Where the doctors told her “we don’t know who will come out alive of the operation theatre – the mother or child”, today her son is 4 years old and she gave the testimony.

Then there was a speaker who quoted the ‘spectacular’ conversation from the Bible of Jesus’ with Zaccheus (Luke 19).

All these testimoniers had one thing to say that Jesus is God and He is great. He touched their lives when they least expected it. They never thought that there was a God who loved them this way..Who took interest in their lives in such detail.

They stood there testifying of His glory.

I call Him “the Testimony Maker”.

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