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I still remember the first time I heard Matt Redman’s “The Heart of Worship”. It still is an incredible song. “…I will bring You more than a song…I will bring You more than a song…”

Songs, especially worship songs are incredible only if they are sung from the heart. No amount of lip moving or hand clapping is going to lead you to worship if your heart is not involved.

How do you know if your heart is involved? Frankly, I don’t know. But someone has defined worship as “the occupation of the soul with Him, and Him alone”. So any moment that involves you and your Creator alone can be termed as worship. So it could be during music, a sermon, in the quiet or even in the storm.

Many a times, we just sing songs in church just because everyone is singing it or because it sounds nice. There is nothing wrong with that. But there has to come a point in the whole praise and worship session that you worship God – with Him and Him alone.

It would be ideal if we could do it all the time but we will have to wait till we get to heaven to get that opportunity. Till then we are going to have a busy schedule – busy with so many things of this world. But when you spend time with God, make sure you do it right – with Him and Him alone.

Sundays or whichever day you spend as your Sabbath, must be kept for that purpose. And when you do it, just immerse yourself in His glory. Tell Him, “Lord help me worship You, the way You are to be worshipped”. Repent of any sins you remember. Renounce any bad habits/thoughts you have got. Commit yourself completely to Him. And worship.

Remember it is not in the loudness or rhythm that worship happens. “and the priests could not perform their service because of the cloud, for the glory of the LORD filled the temple of God.” 2 Chronicles 5:14(NIV). When His glory comes, that is what happens.

Enjoy His presence today. Enjoy His presence now.

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  • sAP

    I agree. I have had the communion of the Holy Spirit at the oddest of hours. Sometimes in a whisper and sometimes in a storm, as you have worded it quite appropriately.

    March 7, 2006

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